almost time for bed

Every night once Coco is in her pajamas and ready for bed, she climbs onto my lap and gives me a hug. But the reason she does it is because she can then slip her sneaky bad self up on my desk and proceed to put her exploring little fingers on everything she knows she's not supposed to touch. Buttons … [Read more...]

1st snow of the season

SNOW! It's after 3:30 AM EST and it's crazy windy here on the outskirts of the ville. I love, love the first snow of the season but so far, this one really doesn't count. Nothing more than a light dusting... barely enough to cover the ground and not enough to keep the tips of the blades of grass … [Read more...]

our most valued employee

Yesterday the MPG team gathered at the Cheesecake Factory for a company holiday celebration. Only one person at that table had packages. As in plural. Multiple packages even! It's pretty obvious who the most valued employee is. And it's not me, you guys. … [Read more...]

fighting sleep

Coco fights sleep worse than any little kid on the planet. She LOVES being up as long as anyone else is and the second she hears the word "toothbrush", she becomes immediately thirsty. It's the routine. "DRINK!" She screams it at the top of her lungs. She could make you believe she's parched -- … [Read more...]

Is this the same as “just do it”?

It really bugs me when people tell things that simply aren't true. I instantly want to confront the person and set the record straight. We've all been there. Right? But there are times it's just not worth the effort. You've probably read this before -- I have too. But it sure never hurts to review … [Read more...]

when Facebook is fun

I figure a really old photo is fitting to include with a post about a really old friend. Especially since it's close to Christmas. Over the weekend, I connected on Facebook with someone I haven't seen for a very long time. Even though neither of us are certain exactly how long -- it's been close to … [Read more...]

you better watch out

Yesterday, I received an email that looked EXACTLY like a credit card statement notice. I know what phishing emails look like, how they work, and what their purpose is -- but this email was sent to the correct email account I use for this particular card (I have 3 email addresses I use all the time … [Read more...]

in the midst…

You may not agree -- and that's ok -- but all the talk of gun control is making my head spin. I'm not sure why a female kindergarden teacher (that's what CNN calls her -- the Chicago Tribune says she's a part-time substitute teacher) felt the need to have the guns she had. I really don't. But she … [Read more...]

yes, I want a receipt

Yesterday evening after dinner we rolled into a Starbucks. Ben stayed in the car with Coco and Perry and I went in to place the order -- a tall hot chocolate (because Perry is a wimp), a gingerbread latte (because Ben is into foo-foo drinks), a bold mocha for me (booyah!) with one cake pop, one … [Read more...]


Do you know people that are just like Pigpen? I know I do! I'm talking about that special family member, colleague or friend that seems to have a swirl of dust and commotion surrounding them all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Everything is dramatic, and every life circumstance (bad or good) swirls … [Read more...]