scottsburg indiana mcdonalds needs a bun delivery

The McDonalds of Scottsburg is in need of a quick delivery of fresh buns. Apparently.

As I work through lunch, Perry heads out to mail a package and pick up a ream of paper. Since he’s making the 8 (e) mile drive to Scottsburg anyway, he decides to grab fast food. He rolls back in the office surrounded by an unmistakeable aroma of burger and fries, and I excitedly open the box of my quarter pounder with cheese and…


The bun looks like someone (or something) has already nibbled on it! I wouldn’t serve a stale, already-mangled-looks-ate-off-of-bun like this to anyone at my table (even to myself when no one was looking!) — so why on earth would a restaurant (fast food or otherwise) do it? I wouldn’t pick this burger if it was FREE, yet, they charged for it, boxed it up and shipped it.

It wasn’t until AFTER I took the first bite and found out the bun was crumbly stale, that I started wondering what else was old. Did they cut mold off the cheese and serve it anyway? Was the burger fresh for crying out loud? We are talking COW here, and we all know what happens when beef gets old. Don’t we?

Yes, I’m an idiot. I ate the flipping nasty burger rather than make a 16+ mile roundtrip to whine about my bun. I’m guessing the average person wouldn’t drive back and wait in line to complain about a stale bun on a burger that cost them approximately $3.45. I’m also guessing that the average person receiving food service such as we did today would instead go to Wendy’s or Taco Bell or Burger King for awhile rather than to immediately think, “McDonalds” when they crave their next fast food fix. I know I will. Unless one of y’all are making a bun delivery ASAP.

Stop back tomorrow for my suggestions on really awesome apps for the iPad and iPhone (and I guess are available to others of you that carry around those other generic smart phones).


  1. Alisa says

    Patrick and I had to go to Scottsburg on Wednesday afternoon and decided late in the morning we would go to Taco Bell. I went on I65 (the quicker choice) to the exit to Taco Bell, only to find out they were closed! They have spent $$$ to build a new building directly across the street from the old one, for whatever reason. Well, since the old Taco Bell was closed, we crossed the street to find out the new Taco Bell would not open till Friday! Patrick decided on McDonalds (my LAST choice). He got a plain double cheese burger. I guess it was fresh, because I didn’t hear a complaint from him…except for the crazy fact Taco Bell was closed! Wonder what idiots are running these places??

  2. Shelley says

    People who live in smaller communities simply don’t have a lot of choices. I guess establishments think they don’t have to worry so much since the competition isn’t that stiff. Maybe Taco Bell was closed coz the workers ate at McDonalds. Heh.

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